Project 9 Portfolio

  • Project Corrections / Time spent: Event Ad- 20 minutes, Montage- 15 minutes, Flier-15 minutes, Web page- 10 minutes, Business Card- 15 minutes, Letterhead- 15 minutes, Imaging- 15 minutes
  • Message: My portfolio represents my experience in designing.
  • Audience: Potential Employers
  • Top Thing Learned: Using Master Pages.
  • Future application of Visual Media: I don’t plan on using this much in my career but it is an important skill to have.
  • Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic Blue
  • Title Font Name & Category: Chalkduster Decorative
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Bell MT Slab Serif
  • Thumbnails of Images used: N/A
  • Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site): N/A

Project 8 Brochure

  1. Description: This is a brochure to sell season tickets for the Tennessee Volunteers football team
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used Adobe Illustrator to create my new logo for the brochure. I used Photoshop for the images I used to refine and make them fit the brochure. Most of the techniques I used was cropping the background out, just leaving the main image. Then I put it all into InDesign and created the brochure.
  3. Message:Buy season tickets
  4. Audience: Tennessee football fans
  5. Top Thing Learned: How to cut out images from their backgrounds in Photoshop
  6. Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic Orane
  7. Title Font Name & Category: Arial, sans-serif
  8. Copy Font Name & Category: Garamond, Oldstyle
  9. Word Count of copy: 276
  10. Thumbnails of Images used: 
  11. Sources (Links to images on original websites):,,,

Project 7 Web Page


  1. Description: This is a web page that I designed using HTML and CSS to demonstrate a logo I created.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): To create this I used the application text wrangler and coded my message. The general layout was provided but I changed a lot of the layout to fit what I wanted to do with the webpage.
  3. Message:  How I created the logo and what it represents.
  4. Audience:  Potential employers.
  5. Top Thing Learned: I learned how to code and make changes to code to get it to do what I want.
  6. Color scheme and color hex(s): Monochromatic Gold
  7. Title Font Families & Category: Verdana, Sans-serif
  8. Copy Font Families & Category: Garamond, Modern
  9. Changes made to the CSS: I changed the colors, as well as the fonts. I also added a hyperlink for my website, and I increased padding to center the logo.
  10. Word Count: 208

Project 6 Stationery


  1. Description: This is a fictional company, Hughes’ Hobbies, which is an entertainment company which specializes in entertainment systems.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used Adobe Illustrator to create the logo and business card for the company, mainly through the use of the pen tool. Then I imported it into InDesign and made some edits here and there. I created the letterhead fully in InDesign, throught the use of text boxes and the line tool. I also brought the logo from Iluustrator and for the watermark, I decreased the opacity to 10%.
  3. Message: Getting the name of our company out to interested clients
  4. Audience: Families
  5. Top Thing Learned: I learned how to move files within the adobe programs fit where you need them too
  6. Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic Gold
  7. Title Font Name & Category: Palatino Serif
  8. Copy Font Name & Category: Baker Signet Sans Serif

Project 5 Logos


  1. Description: I designed this for my roommate’s business. He needed a logo to go with his business of detailing cars. After discussing it with him, this was the general design that he wanted.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): First I pulled up an image of a vehicle that my roommate wanted and used the pen tool to trace the exterior, as well as headlights, tail lights, and windows. I then used the ellipse tool to create the wheels, and tightened the wheel wells to fit the wheels. Then I created text boxes to fit the letters in. Then I covered the dot on the “i” with an ellipse and created a mint leaf and put it where the dot would normally go.
  3. Message: Have Mint Mobile come to you and detail your car.
  4. Audience: Car Owners
  5. Top Thing Learned: How to effectively use the pen tool. I really was able to use the pen tool to my advantage to draw the car.
  6. Color Scheme and Color Names: Monochromatic, Green
  7. Title / Body Font Names & Categories: Optima- Sans Serif

Project 4 Montage


  1. Description: This is a simple motivational message, showing that God cares about each and every one of us.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing): I used Adobe Photoshop to create this image. I used a picture of space and a picture of the Christus statue to make them blend together. created 2 text boxes, one for the main text, and one for “YOU.” I used the blending process to blend “YOU” with the background. To make both Christ and “YOU” clearer, I copied the layers and used the blending tool to make Christ blend better.
  3. Message: Christ loves all of us individually.
  4. Audience: Anybody who needs an uplifting message.
  5. Top Thing Learned: I learned how to use the blending effects of photoshop better.
  6. Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied: I used the soft light filter every layer that was blended.
  7. Color scheme and color names: I used the analgous color scheme, using red, violet, and purple.
  8. Title Font Name & Category: N/A
  9. Copy Font Name & Category: Rockwell, slab serif
  10. Thumbnails of Images used: 
  11. Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site): Christus:, Space: